Monday, October 27, 2014

On Air with CTN 

CTN  Premieres Week of October 24-November 1

Channel 16
LIVE Cable Communications Commission Meeting, Tuesday, 10/28 at 7pm

LIVE Public Market Advisory Commission Meeting, Thursday, 10/30 at 5:30pm

Channel 17                                                               
Mistress Cemyra’s Sepulchre Cinema: “Night of the Squatch”, Community producer Michael Pilon presents this episode from a multi-genre, “Tales from the Crypt” style anthology series of short films, Sunday, 10/26  8PM 

Webster Fall Festival 2014, Community producer Joe Baublis presents highlights from the 33rd Annual event, held the fourth weekend of September 2014, Sunday, 10/26  7:30PM

Channel 18
Board of Education Community Forum: Whitmore Lake Annexation, Saturday, 10/25  7PM

Channel 19
Senior Moments – November 2014 Edition: Ira Lax of the Ann Arbor District Library discusses the Washtenaw Library for the Blind and new services available at the library. Sunday, 10/26 at 5pm

FYI - Special Halloween - FYI teamed up with Marter Paranormal Research Team to investigate a possible haunting at the Dixboro General Store. Learn about their haunted history and how it still affects present day on this spooktacular edition of FYI. Friday, October 24 @ 6pm & 10pm

Clip Frames – A behind the scenes look at the web series Aidan 5; Peter John Ross talks about film at the Colony Theater Film Festival., Tuesday, 10/28 at 8pm

Framelines – Gabrielle Burton; A visit to the set of The Sleeper., Tuesday, 10/28 at 8:30pm

The Road to Recovery – Showcase of Events 2014: Footage, photos and interviews of participants from events throughout the country during National Recovery Month., Tuesday, 10/28 at 9pm