Thursday, May 29, 2014

On Air with CTN: June 2014

Artwork by The Legacies Project
Host: Alysha Mae and Melissa Bondy

June's exclusive spotlight showcases The Legacies Project and Skyline High School'sCommunication, Media
Pat Jenkins & Jimmy Rhoades.
and Public Policy (CMPP) Magnet
featuring The Legacies Project Co-Founder Jimmy Rhoades and Leader Teacher of CMPP Pat Jenkins as they discuss four years of working together to create a unique and outstanding experience for youth and senior citizens. Listen to learn more!

Gov TV Channel 16:
Where Ann Arbor watches its city in action! Coverage includes everything from City Council, cable Communications Commission, Disability Issues and much more. Visit to watch live or on demand.

Public Access Channel 17:
• Community producer, Dave Chappell presented Recipes for Success: Selling Products to Local Co-Ops with Whole foods and Thinks Local First of Washtenaw County.
• Community producer and bishop, Dave Chikosi presented various books of the bible during his weekly sermon held at Grace Christian Fellowship International Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
• Community producer and pastor, Johnnie Joplin presented various books of the bible and sermons on Teaching in the Word.
• Community producer and Michigan Atheist member, Marty Maier presented Atheist Speak Up: A Speech about Greece verse Galloway. 
• Community producer and amateur historian, Dennis Skupinski presented the Michigan World War 1 Centennial New Report Home Front: Kalamazoo County Part 2.
• Community producer, David Knight presented Kitchen Table Classroom with the Family Learning Institute.
• Community producer, Dan Bifano presented The Dan Bifano Show live every Tuesday at 8 pm on Public Access Channel 17.
• Community producer and Pastor, James Dickson presented Fitness Fellowship at Michigan State University.
Community Producer and musician, Laurence Miller presented his feature film Growing Grapes for the Future. 
• University of Michigan's Physics Department presents Saturday Morning Physics

For replay schedules visit and live streaming of channel 18.

CitiTV Channel 19:
FYI features C-SPAN at Pioneer High School, Author Robert Moss discusses dreams and his new book The Boy Who Died & Came Back and the Leslie Science & Nature Center’s Critter House.
Conversations brings you a one-on-one discussion with Chuck Warpehoski from the Ann Arbor City Council Ward 5 on Wednesday May 28 at 6:30 p.m.
Senior Moments features an in-depth interview with Carol Presley, Coordinator of the Pittsfield Township Senior Center.

Watch all CitiTV production on demand. Visit for program schedules and live streaming.

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Special thanks to:
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