Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CTN & Summer Intern; The Breakup

As my internship at CTN comes to an end, I sadly realize I will no longer be devoting my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week to filming, editing, or productions. My experiences here have been exciting, informational, and downright fun. The people I have been fortunate enough to meet on my CTN journey have been inspirational and helpful in my own voyage down the yellow brick road to a professional television career. I tried tapping the heels of my red Adidas together 3 times to bring me to Universal Studios in California, but unfortunately I only loosened some dirt on the soles of my shoes.

Although I dream of working at Universal Studios, CTN has provided me with a very gracious stepping stone for which I am truly obliged. I now have a better understanding of pre-production and the actual production itself. I have learned to be efficient at Final Cut Pro X, as I ahem, learned to edit on ahem, uh, FCP 4 back in undergrad at Western Michigan University some years back. As interns, we learned the ins and outs of producing and directing our own TV show. Touring Tree Town was successful, and we even had people contacting CTN to be featured on an episode. Our last episode is playing currently; bittersweet.

It’s been real CTN, thanks for everything; the snacks, the advice, the knowledge, and lasting relationships. Until we meet again, preferably on the red carpet next year, me in a fancy dress with a ridiculous train, you behind the camera filming my flashy smile accompanied by the princess wave.

Korrine a.k.a Summer Intern