Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some Funk in the Sun

Hello comrades and readers!

This is Phil Boos, a CTN summer intern from Eastern Michigan University and local musician from the
Algernon Band Photo
bands Algernon and the Clutch cover band, Stick Shift. I’ll get to my CTN work momentarily, but first let me elaborate on what I do outside of here and how I hope to utilize the skills I’ve been learning from the wonderful CTN staff. 
Stick Shift LogoOn the Road to Ruin
Recently, in addition to my class at CTN, I finished an album with my band Algernon, where play lead guitar and do most of the writing for. Of course, the band wouldn’t be what it is without the bowel-shaking bass lines from Roy Jackson, the permutated drumming from Jurado, and of course Lee Renaud’s god-like voice. These claims may sound grandiose but have a listen email me if you think I’m full of bull ;). Moving along, in addition to recording and playing music, I have been experimenting with some film projects and scriptwriting, including a post-apocalyptic rock opera, Stan, and a music video for Algernon, which is still in post-production. But enough about my music projects! Let’s talk about what I do here at CTN! 
Martha Reeves
Martha Reeves

As a music buff, multi-instrumentalist, and general “jammer”, it only seemed fitting to shoot a concert for my first video production as an intern at CTN. For the intern series Touring Tree Town, I became responsible for the entertainment segments and showcased the 16th African American Festival, in downtown Ann Arbor, for our first episode. There were lots of food, vendors, dancing, and of course MUSIC! Various funk, gospel, and soul performers jammed throughout the day. Even Martha Reeves showed to keep everyone dancing! With all the grooves and beats pulsating throughout the area, I couldn’t contain myself from tapping a toe or two; however, I was glad I remembered to bring a tripod!
African American Festival