Friday, July 26, 2013

Almost Time to Fly the Coup

This week has been a busy one. With shooting the non-profit segment, editing the footage and still trying to cram everything into my brain before my last week as an intern… let’s just say, I’m glad it’s the weekend!

Tuesday July 23, 2013 Kailani and I, visited The Bird Center of Washtenaw County to film my segment for Touring Tree Town #4. It was by far my favorite place to shoot. I was excited to see all of the birds and learn more about the center.

There were so many birds in need of help, it was amazing to see a hummingbird up close, I could see the actual wings moving, instead of a flutter in the distance. My favorites were the baby birds being housed in a new incubator donated by a volunteer. The baby birds were completely adorable, even when they were eating nasty mill worms.

It’s bittersweet knowing that internship is over next week. On one hand, I’m excited because this means I can actually breathe again before my last semester starts in the fall. I don't recommend working a full time (complicated) job while interning and planning a wedding. But then again, I enjoy this 100% over classes. I actually get hands on experience with this internship at CTN. I'm learning on the job training and real techniques that are being used today, instead of sitting in a classroom writing a paper or practicing on old and outdated equipment. That is one thing I am certain of; an internship really is the best way to learn the trade.