Friday, July 26, 2013

A Day in the Life of a CTN Intern: By Korrine and Kailani

On a typical afternoon at CTN, we greet each other as we walk in the door.


We take some time to catch up on the news and gossip from the weekend.


Then…we get down to business.


We spend a great deal of our time editing our segments for the next episode of Touring Tree Town.


Sometimes editing can be frustrating when audio and video don’t exactly match up.


Sometimes if we have extra time we film at various Ann Arbor locations to make promo videos and channel IDs.

When we’re satisfied with our results, we typically watch each other’s videos and give feedback.


On production days we prepare everything in the hotline studio to record our show.


At the end of the day we typically share snacks and work on our blogs.

We hope you enjoyed living a day in the life of a CTN intern!


Korrine and Kailani