Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From Tyra Banks to Touring Tree Town: An Intern's Tale

Get an internship, they said.

If you don’t get an internship you’ll never find a good job, your degree will have be a waste, and you’ll spend eternity living in your mom’s basement waking up every day to work at the local KFC, they said.

Okay, so maybe the last part is slightly exaggerated. But for the most part that’s what I got out of a conversation with my school advisor as I sat in her office as a wee freshman.

Growing up in a Northern Michigan town of 600 people, I could barely say I knew anyone who had completed their college education, let alone had an internship. Everything I knew about internships came from Seventeen Magazine articles. So naturally, I was under the impression that at some point in my internship, I would have to get a café mocha for Tyra Banks while simultaneously walking her Chihuahua and wearing a pencil skirt with heels. I showed up for my interview at CTN in an outfit belonging entirely to my fashionable roommate, heels and all; ready to make Tyra proud.

Despite the coffee-fetching glamour of the internships featured in Seventeen, I soon learned the magazine had mislead me. At CTN I became confident using Final Cut and High Definition JVC cameras, as well as going out on location to get footage of local events. I quickly became accustomed to walking around Ann Arbor with a tripod slung over my back like a kid running away with a knapsack. I made what I know will be lasting friendships, a wonderful collaborative program to show for my efforts, and I have the rest of the summer here to look forward to.
I got an internship.

And mostly importantly, my parents are no longer convinced my Bachelor’s Degree in “Screen Arts” at the University of Michigan will result in unassailable starvation and homelessness.

By Kailani Buckner