Monday, October 31, 2011

November 2011 at CTN

Veterans Day Themed on A2TV Channel 17:
 November 11th (all day) & November 12th (3 AM- 1:30 PM):
* 16th Regiment of Engineers and Aviation Engineer Battle in the Korean Conflict by Community Producers Dennis Skupinski an Amateur Historian
* Access Ann Arbor Buffalo Soldiers with Community Producer Tammie Williams
* Access Ann Arbors with Ralph Harris “The Military Guy”

What to Watch on CTN:
* Other Perspectives “Ballot Issues and 911 dispatch” by Community Producer’s Nancy & Harvey Kaplan on A2TV Channel 17
* UCTV health and medicine programs on Education channel 18
* Election Results on CitiTV channel 19
* Conversations, produced by CTN’s Rob Cross, with the Ann Arbor Mayor, John Hieftje on CitiTV channel 19
* Ward Talk with Carsten Hohnke from Ann Arbor’s 5th Ward on CitiTV channel 19
* Senior Moments, produced by CTN’s Tim Nagae, with guest Gail Haynes of Arbor Hospice’s “Grief Support Group.” on CitiTV channel 19
Visit for exact times. Watch online by demand at and

Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild- Holiday Sale on Saturday November 12 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Admission is free at Washtenaw Community College.
Call 734.665.0703 or visit

Zingerman’s Coffee Company- Coffee Tour and talk about the
intricate world of java. Admission is free and the tour will be held
from 11 Am to noon
Call 734.929.6060 or visit

Kid Are Chefs Too! - Saturday November 19th from 10 AM to noon at the U-M Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Cost $5 (includes materials and conservatory admission)
Call 794.647.7600

Gobble! Gobble! Make a Festival Holiday Table – 
Visit the Ann Arbor District Library, Pittsfield 
branch on Wednesday Novembe23rd 
from 2-3 PM  
(for preschoolers through 5th graders)
Call 734.327.8301 or visit

National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors
(NATOA) Government Programming Awards for 2011:
* 1st Place Winner- CTN’s Tim Nagae for “Think Bike Safety First Promo”
* 2nd Place Winner- “CTN: A Year in Public Access” by staff and community producers

National Hometown Video Awards (sponsored by the Alliance for Community media) – 1st place winners include EcoSense: Bike & Walk in Ann Arbor and Senior Moments “Pittsfield Township Senior Center” both produced by CTN’s Tim Nagae.

Philo Festival of Media Art awards (sponsored by the Central State Regional Alliance for Community media) 
15 First Place Winners:
KEY:  Community Producer   CTN Public Staff     CTN Interns     CTN Gov't Staff   

Children’s Programming: 
Professional Santa Live!  Mike Koski, CTN
 The Sky is in the Sky  Mister Laurence & Ms. Princess Melinda

Community Event:
Non-Professional  Ypsi Girl@ Ypsilanti Heritage Festival 2009  Tanya Veilleux, Jesse Sinatra

Non-Professional Ypsi Girl’s Happy ½ Hour Show  Tanya Veilleux, Jesse Sinatra, Dave Chappell

Interview/Talk Show:
 Professional Green Room Dana Denha, Barbara Lucas, CTN
 Jeannie on the Beat:  Interview with Mark Crilley  Jeannie M. Ballew

Magazine Program:
Non-Professional  A Weekend with Ypsi Girl  Tanya Veilleux, Jesse Sinatra

Music Video:
Non-Professional  How Now Brown Cow?  Mister Laurence, Ms. Princess Melinda, & Oso the Drumming Bear

Professional  For Your Information  Dana Denha, Greg McDonald, Rob Cross, CTN

Original Short Film:
Non-Professional  In Outside  Laurence Bond Miller, Robert Hughes

Professional  For Your Information Promo 2011  Max Witzke, CTN

Performing Arts:
Professional  October Babies “Live” @ CTN  Tim Nagae, October Babies, CTN Staff & Volunteers
 Poetry Metered & Free  Patricia McLaughlin

Political Awareness:
Professional  County Commissioner District 10, 11 Democratic Primary Candidates Forum  Greg McDonald, Rob Cross, League of Women Voters, CTN

 Senior Moments June 2011  Tim Nagae, Dean Cole, Connie Craft, CTN
Community Event:
Professional  Festifools  Dana Denha, Max Witzke, CTN
 CTN at the Art Fair:  Best of 2009  Rob Cross, CTN
 Ann Arbor Summer Festival/Top of the Park 2008  Dave Chappell

Professional  Project Harbor  Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN

Non-Professional  Jeannie on the Beat:  Tom Clynes  Jeannie Ballew

Non-Professional  Ypsi Girl’s Happy ½ Hour Show  Tanya Veilleux

Interview/Talk Show:
Professional  Access Ann Arbor:  Captain Driver Ed & His Friends  Zachary Demers, CTN

 Magazine Program:
Professional  FYI 500th Anniversary Edition  Dana Denha, CTN

Professional  Life Saving Tip of the Week:  Be Cautious of Bicyclists  Rob Cross, CTN

Promotional Video (3:00 or less)
Non-Professional  Strange Fruit:  The Three Belles  David Chappell
Student Post-Secondary 
 CTN Internship Promo  Mike Mejia, Jonathan Cervenak, Jeff Mengyan, Erric Morton, CTN

Professional  Senior Moments March 2011  Tim Nagae, Dean Cole, Connie Craft, CTN

Awards of Excellence Finalists & Winners
Excellence in Animation
Senior Moments June 2011   Tim Nagae, Dean Cole, Connie Craft, CTN WINNER!  Project Harbor   Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN
 Excellence in Cinematography
Project Harbor   Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN
 Excellence in Editing
For Your Information   Dana Denha, Greg McDonald, Rob Cross, CTN  Project Harbor   Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN
Excellence in Directing
For Your Information   Dana Denha, Greg McDonald, Rob Cross, CTN Project Harbor   Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN
 Excellence in Sound Design
Project Harbor   Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN 
HAWK Signal
  Dana Denha, CTN
Best Documentary 
Project Harbor   Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN
Best Series Programming
Senior Moments June 2011   Tim Nagae, Dean Cole, Connie Craft, CTN
Best of Show
Project Harbor   Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN
George C.  Stoney Award
Access Ann Arbor 20th Anniversary   Paul Sutherland, Mike Koski, Craig Kuras, Lucy Ann Visovatti, Ralph Salmeron, CTN
AAFD-Combustibles on Porches           Rob Cross, Reka Farrackand, Dana Denha, CTN
WINNER!  Project Harbor   Rob Cross, Dana Denha, Chase Stanton, CTN 

CTN Television Production Classes-
* Preview- Tuesday November 29 
from 6-8 PM
* GL2 Remote- Tuesday, November 1st, 8th & 15th from 6-9 PM
* iMovie Edit- Wednesday, November 2nd, 9 th & 16th  from 6-9
* Studio- Monday, November 7th, 14th & 21st from 6-9 PM


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* Public Access-

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