Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year from CTN!


Happy New Year Ann Arbor! I hope you had a great one!

Another year has come and gone, so the time has come to reflect on this past year’s achievements and look forward with renewed fervor to the bright possibilities of the year to come.

In this podcast, we will now briefly look at a few highlights from 2010 and tell you what you can look forward to from CTN this first month of 2011.

In this spirit of cherished reflection, let us now review a few of the noteworthy accomplishments CTN has seen in this past year, shall we?
2010 was certainly a banner year for awards and achievements at CTN!
The CTN Awards allowed us to salute the many volunteer producers who utilize our community media resources to produce the programs you watch on CTN's Public Access Ch. 17. These include Ann Arbor residents and representatives of Ann Arbor non-profit organizations, who last year produced and crewed on 324 programs!

The 2010 Producer of the Year went to Tammi Williams, who, in this past year, was the individual who produced the most new programs.

The 2010 winner of CTN’s Volunteer of the Year Award is Jim Priore, who, in this past year, was the individual who volunteered on the most projects other than his own.

The New Producers of the Year for 2010 are Nancy and Harvey Kaplan, who were the team who produced the most programs in their first year.

The 2010 Community Spirit Award went to Pat McLaughlin, who, in this past year, was the individual who has best exemplified the spirit of community access through her programming.

Two Lifetime Achievement Awards were also given out this past year, one to Barbara Clarke who has been a Community Producer since 1989, and the other to Dave Chappell, Community Producer since 1990.

CTN thanks all of its volunteer producers for how they have benefitted and inspired CTN and the Ann Arbor community! Keep up the good work!

Commendations are also in order for several of CTN’s own staff and community producers who took home awards in several multi-state and national video festivals and award ceremonies in 2010.

So, congratulations to those whose work won awards and honorable mentions at the NATOA Awards this year: Mister Laurence Miller, Ms. Princess Melinda, Kathleen Russell, K. Eva Weiss, Dana Denha, Rob Cross, Reka Farrackand, and Time Nagae.

We celebrate CTN Producers Dana Denha and Tim Nagae for each winning national awards at the 2010 Hometown Video Festival.

We also want to recognize and applaud the CTN staff, community producers, and production crew members whose work won regional awards at the Philo T. Farnsworth Video Festival this year: Paul Sutherland, Dana Denha, Rob Cross, Reka Farrackand, Mister Laurence Miller, Ms. Princess Melinda, OSO, Tanya Veilleux (VAYoo), Jesse Sinatra, Isaac Delongchamp, and Barbara Lucas.

Wow! CTN has certainly done some amazing things in this past year! I mean, my goodness, people! Could you have won any more awards?!

For more details about our award winners, check out CTN’s homepage.
Again, CTN offers sincerest thanks and congratulations to this year’s CTN Award Winners, all the community producers and staff who won video festival awards, all the members of the community involved with CTN, and all of our fans and viewers for making 2010 an outstanding year for CTN!

Your hard work and dedication has helped keep CTN at the center of Ann Arbor’s community communications. We couldn’t do it without you!

NOW, let’s take a look at what CTN has in store to kick off 2011!, a new series coming this month to CTN, covers the travel marketplace with news about special events, travel tips, and useful information for both the leisure and business traveler. will feature interviews with travel writers, personalities, and experts, combining essential knowledge with savvy insider tips, allowing even the most average and inexperienced of travelers the unique opportunities available to those "in the know."

Don’t miss the premiere of’s travel magazine series on CTN’s “Education Station” Comcast Cable Channel 18 on Sunday, January 9 at 7 PM.

You can catch future episodes of this exciting series on Sundays at 7 and 11 PM, and Fridays at 7:30 PM.

CitiTV Channel 19, on Comcast Cable, is the place to watch all of your favorite high school sports this winter!

Be sure to tune in to CitiTV every week at noon for the “Sunday Game of the Week” all the high school hoops and hockey your heart desires!

For information about additional replays of your favorite team on CitiTV 19, refer to the programming schedules listed in the left column on CTN’s home page.
Speaking of great events in January, how are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along?

Well, whether you’re faithfully hitting the gym every morning, bottle of water in hand, or faithfully hitting the couch every evening with your hand in a bag of potato chips, we’ve got one New Year’s Resolution that’s easy to keep, good for your brain, and your community!

Make one of your New Year's Resolutions this year to Take a free class and learn a new skill!

CTN teaches you how to operate our television production equipment--all for free!

Reserve space in CTN's 1-hour Preview Class

Tuesday, January 11th or Tuesday, February 1st from 6-7 PM.

From there you can volunteer to operate equipment for real televised broadcasts, or even produce programs of your own! The sky’s the limit! And, depending upon the location of your phone, you don’t even need to get off the couch to reserve your space!

Give us a call today to find out more. Our number is 734.794.6150.

We’d love to have you aboard!

And who knows?

You may even end up the honored recipient of a CTN or other regional and even national award next year!

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CTN would like to wish everyone a blessed and happy new year!

Once again, thank you for visiting and listening to CTN’s a2ikog podcast!
I’m your host, Rebecca Rhodes,

Keeping Ann Arbor In the Know, On the Go.

Rebecca Rhodes
Community Access Assistant & a2ikog podcaster

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