Monday, July 26, 2010

Art Fair & New Podcast stuff!

We had a great time at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs this year!
The artists at CTN know that there is a broad, beautiful spectrum of Ann Arbor voices just waiting to be heard.
We know that every voice is unique and valuable.
Once a voice is heard, it adds its own matchless flair to our flourishing community masterpiece.
So, in an effort to further beautify and broaden our spectrum, CTN gave Ann Arborites the chance to record greetings to appear on television and online!
To see the greetings recorded at CTN's Art Fair booth:

Click here to see the schedule of when greetings will be aired on Comcast Cable

Click here to see streaming video of greetings online

CTN wants to thank all of the, staff, volunteers, and visitors to our booth for supporting and inspiring our creative efforts and making Art Fair 2010 such enriching experience!

CTN would also like to thank this year's Art Fair T-Shirt designer, Rebecca S. Ahlersmeyer, for her wonderful, whimsical work!
Thank you!
Rebecca Rhodes
Community Access Assistant & a2ikog podcaster